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10 Best Brain Exercises To improve Memory In Seniors 2023

10 Best Brain Exercises To improve Memory In Seniors 2023
Written by AmiraAfaf

10 Best Brain Exercises To Improve Memory In Seniors 2023

In an aging body, all organs and systems become less active, so health deteriorates with age. Old people are prone to many diseases.

One of the most uncomfortable symptoms that the vast majority of older adults face is memory impairment.

This is a serious problem of neglect, which means that the health of the elderly is neglected. Memory exercises for older adults will help fight the disease.

what are the10 Best Brain Exercises To Improve Memory In Seniors

I explain in detail how they work and how the cognitive process of memory decline occurs.

Why Old People’s Memory Declines?

Memory decline in older adults isn’t just due to age-related physical changes.

Why Old People's Memory Declines

There are other reasons to be aware of:

Reduction of the circle of interests;

  1. Weakening of concentration due to lack of need for it;
    Low activity,
  2. the predominance of a sedentary lifestyle;
    Destruction of neural connections in the brain.

Older people more often lead a passive lifestyle, do not work, and do not get involved in activities that require mental stress.

Due to small loads, memory weakens.

Statistics show that employed older people have much better intellectual abilities than their non-working counterparts.

While physical and mental indicators fall under constant load, and to improve them, the body needs rest to keep memory in good shape.

It must be constantly trained.

Only regular exercise helps to maintain intellectual skills in adulthood.

By resorting to simple tricks, older people will be able to load memory, even if they have to be immobilized for a long time.

For example, a person needs long-term rehabilitation and restrictions in their usual life activities.

One of the most effective exercises for the development of memory and intelligence in the elderly is solving logical riddles, rebuses, crosswords, and scan words.

Memory is heavily loaded when reading books or learning languages.

The flow of information that the brain needs to process constantly stimulates the mental activity of older people in the best possible way.

the10 Best Brain Exercises

There are physiological problems that cause memory impairment:

  1. Poor blood supply to the body in general and the vessels of the head in particular;
  2. contraction of nerve cells in the brain.
  3. For each elderly person, the reasons for the deterioration of intellectual abilities are individual.

It is not uncommon for older people to have an excellent memory and a sharp mind.

What can be recommended to prevent or slow down the process of memory deterioration in older people:


It is imperative to monitor the state of health and, at the first sign of malaise.

Consult a doctor, without waiting until the consequences of the disease become irreversible.

First of all,, diseases associated with the heart and blood vessels, which adversely affect the state of memory in older people, such as atherosclerosis, fall into the risk zone.

10 Best Brain Exercises To Improve Memory In Seniors

For a healthy mind and good brain activity, it is necessary to alternate rest and exercise.

Often, memory impairment in older people is provoked by malnutrition.

The brain requires a lot of glucose every day to function.

With atherosclerosis, the use of foods high in cholesterol is contraindicated.


Embroidery or knitting are good exercises for training the memory of the elderly.

They contribute to the concentration of attention and the development of fine motor skills, which, as you know, are directly related to intellectual abilities.


the10 Best Brain Exercises To Improve Memory In Seniors

Intake Of Oxygen

Saturation of the body with oxygen is necessary for its work, therefore, at any age, especially the elderly, it is shown to breathe fresh air daily.

On a walk, you can also do memory training, for example, remembering unfamiliar places, and noting details that were previously ignored.


After activities that require concentration of memory and intellectual abilities, older people should go for a walk or exercise.

This technique makes it possible to assimilate the information and allows the eyes to rest.

Brain gymnastics

Brain gymnastics is an effective way to strengthen memory.

In the same way that regular, moderate exercise conserves the body.

Memory Exercises

Doing daily memory exercises in older people will improve brain performance and reduce the risk of memory problems.

the10 Best Brain Exercises To Improve Memory


There is no single set of activities suitable for all people without exception. When compiling an individual training program, it is necessary to try various options.

Do those that correspond to personal characteristics and preferences.

Tips for training memory:

Remember, the more pleasant and comfortable the training will be, the more positive sensations the mental process will create, and the stronger, more lasting the effect will be.

The condition for achieving the result is a commitment to daily mental stress.

Set aside at least 2 hours daily (for example, one hour in the morning, and a second session in the afternoon) for cognitive training.

Include different types of exercises in your daily complex.

Choose the appropriate lesson format. Some people like to do tasks alone, in complete silence.

Others are more comfortable brainstorming with a fun group of friends. It is optimal to combine individual and group work.

To get the most benefit, to make mental stress comfortable, encourage the brain to use the senses. For example, turn on pleasant, motivating music. Work with scented candles lit.

Get rid of the habit of scolding, and reproaching yourself for failure, a mistake, or a wrong decision.

the10 Best Brain Exercises To Improve Memory In Seniors

Any mental load is a valuable experience that expands cognitive potential.

Pay attention to small achievements.

Reward yourself for new records. Praise for the effort, and discipline.

Reasons for the deterioration of the ability to remember in adulthood.


The weakening of memory in adulthood sometimes takes a pathological course. This condition is called hypomnesia.

The disorder manifests itself in difficulties with remembering events, dates, terms, numbers, new names, and faces.

There are gaps in memory for certain events. At the same time, some people restore memories using hints. As a rule, memory impairment progresses over time.

Most information losses in reverse order – from the present to the past.

Memory disorders manifest in varying degrees of severity, with signs that meet the criteria:

Moderate cognitive impairment (mild cognitive impairment);
Dementia (gross intellectual impairment).

Deterioration of the ability to memorize is observed in various pathological conditions, including

Neurological diseases

Taking psychoactive substances, both drugs and certain medicines;

Acute or chronic intoxication with ethanol and its decay products;

Benign or malignant neoplasms of the brain;

Severe infectious lesions of the brain;

Changes in the structure of cerebral vessels;


Persistent increase in blood pressure;

Intracranial hypertension;

Neurodegenerative processes;

Traumatic brain injury.

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Among the painful conditions accompanied by gross impairment of memory:

Dementia of the Alzheimer’s type;

Vascular dementia

Parkinson’s disease with memory impairment;

Hakim-Adams syndrome;


Memory impairment often occurs in healthy people due to overwork, a lack of proper rest, and sleep disturbances.

Memory dysfunction is caused by treatable, reversible conditions such as:

Clinical depression

With depressive status, a condition occurs that mimics a memory disorder.

The person points to difficulty concentrating, difficulty remembering information, and the inability to organize thoughts in a logical order.

Depression is a common affective disorder in older adults, often associated with changes in social activity levels after retirement.


Vitamin deficiency.

Avitaminosis in old age is often associated with malnutrition and age-related changes in metabolism.

A common provocateur of vitamin deficiency is taking medications for chronic diseases.

Lack of vitamins prevents the restoration of damaged brain structures and accelerates aging.

Endocrine diseases.

Thyroid dysfunction, such as hypothyroidism, is accompanied by lethargy and decreased memory, attention, and intelligence.


The reasons for the lack of water in the body are kidney failure, taking diuretics, and chronic diseases (for example, diabetes mellitus).


Dehydration is common among older people because the brain’s thirst center is less active than at a young age.

Lack of water in the body is manifested by confusion and drowsiness.

we have discussed the 10 best brain exercises to improve memory in seniors

what is the best food to eat for sharp memory

Holy Basil

Holy Basil is a very powerful herb that can heal many physical ailments.

It is also known to increase blood circulation to the brain. Increased blood circulation can increase your concentration and brain power.

This herb is grown in many parts of South Asia and is popular for its medicinal properties.

This herb can also be used to combat stress, helping you stay healthy and young.

Drinking Holy Basil tea regularly can have a calming effect on your mind.

You will feel an excellent dynamism in your body as well as create a mentally stimulating effect.


Nuts also improve or prevent age-related cognitive decline. One study shows that mothers who get enough DHA have smarter children.

Consuming a quarter cup of walnuts provides almost 100% of your daily recommended DHA needs.

In addition, some studies have shown that people who include walnut oil or walnuts in their diet speed up their metabolism, lower blood pressure, and even eliminate bad energy based on stress.


It is also rich in some important nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, copper, folate, vitamins C

just smelling it can stimulate your brain and make you think healthily and deeply.


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the10 Best Brain Exercises To Improve Memory In Seniors

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