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10 Plank Exercise Benefits For Strong Core, Belly Fat .Variations In 2023

10 Plank Exercise Benefits For Strong Core
Written by AmiraAfaf

10 Plank Exercise Benefits For Strong Core

Exercises with weight are the best and easiest way to get your body in order. What are 10 plank exercise benefits for a strong core?

Plank is the queen of such activities that will never go out of style. Why?

It’s simple: its implementation will not require much effort from you, and the result will not keep you waiting and will be very significant.

We give our muscles a static load when we hold the body straight.

First, we develop the core muscles that connect the upper and lower parts of the body.

In addition, the powers of the hips, arms, and shoulders are included in the work.

Let’s discuss 10 Plank Exercise Benefits For Strong Core, Belly Fat.

10 Plank Exercise Benefits For Strong Core,


The benefits of this beautiful exercise are enormous.

This article will discuss correct execution techniques, plank variations, the most common mistakes, and the benefits you’ll get from practicing this exercise.

Performing exercises in static means that you must keep your body in a specific inactive state for a certain period.

To make a bar, you do not need additional equipment. You can do it anywhere.

Varieties Of Plank Exercise

Standard plank

Take an emphasis lying down, place your hands slightly wider than shoulder level, directly below them.

The toes of toes should rest on the floor.

Tighten the muscles of the legs and buttocks to take a straight body position.

Please pay attention to your knees, do not unbend them too much. You do not need to bend either.

The knees should not be tense. Remove the load from the neck and spine, and look at the floor near the palms.


Hold this position for a few seconds.

As you practice this exercise, increase the time spent in the bar.

Always watch the part of the body and breathing. It should be even.

Breathe evenly. You should feel comfortable while doing this exercise.

Forearm Plank

This plank type is the second most popular and slightly lighter than the standard.

Do everything as described above, but consider one feature.

Rest your forearms on the floor, and place your elbows under your shoulders.

The arms should be parallel to the body, and the palms pressed to the floor.

If this position of the palms causes discomfort and your wrists begin to hurt, try clasping them with both hands in the form of a lock.


All the following planks can be done on the forearms or straight arms.

Plank On The Knees

This type of plank is much lighter than the previous two. Especially good for beginners to start.

When we rest on the floor with our knees, we remove a significant part of the load from the lower back, allowing us to fully concentrate on the core muscles work.

Side Plank

Pretty hard exercise.

Unlike a standard bar, such a bar incorporates the lateral and oblique abdominal muscles more actively.

Lie on the floor, and focus on the outstretched arm or the forearm.

Press your legs against each other.

With your other hand, stretch up, trying to hold this position.

Place your top leg crosswise over your bottom portion for a more stable position.

Pull your leg up simultaneously with your arm to make it a little more challenging.

Plank On One Leg

This type of bar is suitable for those who have been in the subject for a long time.

In this exercise, one fulcrum is removed, thereby increasing the load on the core muscles.

Focus on your forearms, and lift one leg a little. Watch your condition.

You should be comfortable, do not strain your back. Keep your thighs parallel to the floor. Alternate the supporting leg.

Plank On A Medicine Ball

It is possible to increase the intensity of the exercise by focusing on a movable medicine ball instead of a stable and hard floor.

Thus, we add a balancing component to the activity to maintain balance on the ball.

With this plank, the core muscles are loaded better, and the stabilizer muscles also work out better.

As for the technique, it remains unchanged. The only change is the emphasis on the forearms or hands on the ball.

So, we talked about the main types of bars.

Now let’s talk about  10 Plank Exercise Benefits For Strong Core and Belly Fat. What transformations will happen to your body if you do the bar daily?

10 Plank Exercise Benefits For Strong Core,


10 Plank Exercise Benefits For Strong Core

1. Get strong core muscles

The core muscles are the support of all our internal organs.

In addition, they take part in creating a good posture and protecting us from possible lower back injuries.

You will first strengthen these muscles when you plank every day.

It’s incredible how just one exercise works all the main forces of the core:

– the transverse muscle will help you lift

Plank For Weight Loss 

Weight loss is attributed to the plank. It is essential for yoga beginners to know this.

The purpose of this exercise, its dangers, and how it should be performed are all explained.

What other valuable properties, besides losing weight, does asana have?

The belief that a person will experience at least seven more pleasant changes if he fulfills the bar every day:

Strengthens The Abdominal Muscles.

Exercise improves the condition of the back, lower back, neck, and shoulder muscles.

  1. It is an excellent prevention of back and neck pain.
    Strengthens and tones the abdominal organs.
  2. It makes arms and legs strong.
  3. Strengthens and tones the upper and lower airways.
  4. Removes stoop, makes posture beautiful.
  5. Improves psychological state.

Here I would like to dwell on more detail.

Start doing the plank if you feel lethargic, fatigued, or realize that you are depressed.

Of course, in the above states, it is difficult to start doing even ordinary exercises, let alone the bar.

You can drive yourself into more serious situations if you don’t gather your strength right now.

Don’t realize that the best thing you can do for yourself is move in the right direction.

Therefore, through overcoming, for 30 seconds, every day, you will see that you will feel better.

And the asana has a good effect on the children’s bodies! Just read below about contraindications.

Plank Harm

  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • Pregnancy



An exercise description is given for a healthy individual. Oversee the video tutorial if you are doing it yourself!

A wrong practice can be harmful to the body and even useless.


Eat a cake daily, stand on a plank for 2 minutes, and lose weight!

There are a lot of articles on the Internet with approximately the same content.

Maybe that’s why (or maybe not) there are high hopes for the plank exercise, like an airship.

Are expectations destined to come true, or are classes a waste of time? Let’s figure it out.

Plank Exercise Results

During the correct (!) exercise, the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs work. Therefore, the training helps:

● strengthen the press and muscle corset;
● make the silhouette fitter;
● improve endurance;
● improve well-being.

But, despite all its benefits, the plank is not a panacea. Do not expect a miracle from a two-minute load.

It should be only one exercise from the whole complex – then it will be possible to achieve the desired results.

If, in addition to the above, a woman also seeks to lose weight, it is necessary to review the diet further.

In addition, the bar has several contraindications. Also, the incorrect performance of the exercise can lead to sad consequences.


This exercise is not as harmless as it seems. It is worth refusing it in such cases:

● Pregnancy

Increased stress on the abdominal muscles can lead to miscarriage/premature birth.

The so-called reverse plank (performed with the stomach up) is the only exception.

If it is wrong to get into the bar, there will be no benefit.

And this is still an optimistic scenario. Worse, if incorrect actions bring harm.

So, what kind of mistakes can cause negative consequences for the trainee’s health?

10 Plank Exercise Benefits For Strong Core,


● Body sagging

Instinctively, the exercise is easier to perform if you want to either bend your back or stick it out.

But an indirect position subsequently causes an aching pain in the lower back or back.

● Performing complex plank variations without proper training


The load should be moderate.

Performing too complex planks without preparation often leads to problems with the spine (scoliosis, hyperlordosis, kyphosis).

● Exercise despite the pain

It is not the pain that comes from untrained muscles.

It is about other unpleasant sensations.

If they are, it is possible that the plank is performed incorrectly or contraindications manifest themselves in this way.

Therefore, you should contact a trainer or a doctor when this discomfort occurs.

● Look not in front of you


Standing in a bar with the head turned up or down leads to problems with the neck (for example, it can cause the development of osteochondrosis).

10 Plank Exercise Benefits For Strong Core,


● Sagging or “walking” of the legs

Indistinct standing of the legs in place during the exercise is harmful to the joints and knees.


● Breath holding

As well as sharp breaths, exhalations do not make the exercise easier.

If you breathe measuredly, more oxygen will enter the body, with more benefits from the bar.

● Postpartum

For at least a month after a typically past birth, it is advisable to refrain from physical activity on the abdominal muscles.

After a cesarean section or a problematic natural delivery, this period will be even higher.

You must clarify this point with the doctor and start training only after his permission.

● Problems with the spine

Everything is similar to the previous paragraph.

Those with intervertebral hernias or pinched nerves should avoid plank exercises.

belly fat

Plank Exercise For weight loss

There are 10 Plank Exercise Benefits For Strong Core and Belly Fat.

The plank is an exercise for belly fat and muscle development.

All over the world, fitness enthusiasts have already mastered the methodology for its implementation.

At the same time, they began to do the bar relatively recently in our country.

It is one of the best exercises for maintaining tone and strengthening muscles.

It increases strength and endurance and improves posture.

10 Plank Exercise Benefits For Strong Core,

However, most women are interested in the question, is it possible to lose belly fat with the bar?

The answer is yes.

After all, it maximally affects the main muscle groups, makes them work, and experiences tiring loads.

Exercise bar for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, arms, and legs is part of the daily training for most athletes of all activity levels.

Today I will tell you how to do the plank to lose belly fat.

Plank is a universal static exercise, an ideal option for physical activity for people who do not have the opportunity to visit the gym regularly.

The advantages of the plank exercise for weight loss and maintaining a figure include that it does not take much time.

Body Shape

The benefit of the plank element for body shaping is that all muscles are tightened.

  1. The gluteal muscles work well.
  2. They become elastic and strengthened.
  3. Improve the exercise
  4. Raise your legs alternately.
  5. Plank will get rid of cellulite on the buttocks.


If you keep the bar daily, the benefits for the figure will be invaluable.

Slim Legs

The legs will become slimmer as the leg muscles are fully involved – from the hips to the calves.

Reviews of the plank exercise for slimming legs suggest that the legs become much slimmer and more attractive after a month.

Implementing the plank for weight loss has the most significant effect on the abdomen.

10 Plank Exercise Benefits For Strong Core,

Varieties of straps

As soon as you can easily stand in the bar for a figure for 1-2 minutes, you can move on to complicating the exercise.

There is a wide variety of plank exercises.

Depending on your goals, you can perform different types of elements.

1. The side plank for burning belly fat is the ideal option.

2. If you want to work the entire back chain of the bark, then choose an inverted plank.

3. Plank for legs and buttocks is best done with a raised portion.

4. We recommend doing the plank with straight arms for the back.



The bar is proper but subject to two conditions: the absence of contraindications and adequate execution.

In addition, you should not expect miracles from her.

Combining exercise with other workouts and a healthy diet is necessary for maximum effect.

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