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5 Best Yoga Mat Bags, To Carry All of Your Workout Gear

5 Best Yoga Mat Bags
Written by AmiraAfaf

5 Best Yoga Mat Bags, To Carry All of Your Workout Gear

There are surprisingly many things to check, so you don’t fail in choosing a yoga mat case.

Check and select points such as opening/closing type, size, storage availability, material, color, and design.

Important Things To Consider

“Horizontal opening type” that is easy to store.

The side-opening type has a wide-open mouth, so the most significant merit is that It will feel straightforward when putting in and out heavy yoga mats.

Types Of Horizontal Opening Type

In addition, there are two types of horizontal opening types, “fastener type” and “magic tape type,” depending on the opening and closing method.

The ease of storage remains the same, but the usability may differ slightly depending on the intended use of the case.

If you want to store yoga mat luggage instead of a bag, the zipper-type that opens and closes smoothly recommends because it is easier to use.

If you can only store yoga mats and open and close them in the studio or home, you can use the Velcro type without any inconvenience.

Simple design “string tightening type.”

Many of them have a simple design, and the case itself is light, so it will be easier to carry.

Also, because it is made soft, it is easy to make it into a flattering shape, and, conveniently, it can be folded compactly when not in use without getting in the way.

Check the size that fits the yoga mat.

Be sure to check the size when choosing a yoga mat case. It’s meaningless if you can’t buy and store something that doesn’t fit.

It’s inconvenient if you can’t afford it, and putting it in and out is challenging.

Also, if you have a pocket, you can store the tools you need to attend the lesson, which is convenient.


Roll the yoga mat and measure its width, length, and diameter to avoid failure.

You can store the yoga mat without rolling it properly if it’s a little bit.

So it’s easy and convenient to keep even when you need to clean up the carpet quickly.

In addition to yoga mats, you will have to carry a lot of clothes, towels, drinks, smartphones, makeup tools, and more when you take lessons.

It is convenient for lessons with just one yoga mat case if it has a storage capacity.

The mesh material is easy to handle.

In addition, if you choose a mesh material, it will be less likely to retain moisture, and you can store the mat more cleanly.

The color of the yoga mat will show through the mesh, and it will look cute.

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The L-shaped zipper opens from the top of the bag, making it easier to put in and take out the yoga mat.

The diameter of the cylinder is 16 cm to store even thick yoga mats. It is also convenient to adjust the handle part to a length that is easy to carry.

In addition, the mesh specifications provide excellent breathability, so you can store your yoga mat more cleanly.


BalanceFrom GoYoga Full Zip Exercise Yoga Mat

You can store small items in the pockets on the side, and the length of the strap can be adjusted, which is excellent in functionality.

There are two color variations, natural and lilac.

The zipper opens wide from the top of the bag, making it easy to put in and take out the yoga mat.

With one pocket on the front and one on the side, it’s convenient for storing various things such as smartphones, wallets, and music players.


It would be convenient to have one for the time being. Of course, some are available at a reasonable price.

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Manduka Go Play Yoga Mat Carrier with Pocket

It’s simple, not bulky, and it would be convenient to have one.

It measures about 71 cm high and 24 cm wide, with a gusset on the bottom, which allows it to hold thick mats.

It also has a pocket, which is convenient for storing small items such as towels, yoga belts, and drinks.

It is 100% latex free.

5 Best Yoga Mat Bags

Gaiam Yoga Mat bags

It has excellent durability and is solid enough to withstand a weight of up to about 10 kg to be usable for a long time.

The large-size yoga mat case is convenient because it can hold thick yoga mats and other items necessary for lessons, such as clothing.

This foldable yoga mat easily fits in your carry-on or overnight bag.

There are many easy-to-use items, such as easy to maintain and those designed to be easy to store.



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5 Best Yoga Mat Bags


Capelli Sports Yoga Mat Bag Carrier


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Nylon is the material that makes up the yoga mat harness.

The front surface is canvas, and the back cover is water repellent, making it resistant to sweat and water stains.

The belt has shoulder pads, so your shoulders will not hurt easily, even if the contents are heavy.

It also has a side pocket and a back zipper pocket, convenient for storing small items.

The material is 100% cotton, comfortable to the touch, and has excellent durability.


In addition to yoga mat bags, they can also use as beach tote bags or shopping bags.

It is easy to machine wash yoga mat carry bags after use.


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