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5 Safety Features To Look For When Trampoline Shopping , Surprising benefits of Trampolines

5 Safety Features To Look For When Trampoline Shopping
Written by AmiraAfaf

5 Safety Features To Look For When Trampoline Shopping

I will continue jogging and walking! I was enthusiastic about it but skipped it as an excuse when the pollen season and bad weather continued.

Before I knew it, I couldn’t do it.

Initially, I was not good at exercising and had to get dressed as much as possible without going outside.

It was “trampoline” that I continued. It’s in the past tense because I gave it to someone when I moved.

5 Safety Features To Look For When Trampoline Shopping


This time, I would like to introduce many types and merits of trampolines that I used. I am considering purchasing based on my experience!

I will discuss 5 Safety Features To Look For When Trampoline Shopping.

Surprising Benefits of Trampolines

Many people think of trampolines as a playset for children. However, it is effective as an exercise tool for adults.

5 Safety Features To Look For When Trampoline Shopping


Aerobic exercise effect


Calories burned are about 50 kcal in 5 minutes. The advantage is that you can burn fat efficiently in a short time.


Detoxifying Effect

It can provide aerobic exercise quickly and expects to have a detoxifying effect.

I tried to summarize what kind of exercise effect it has.

Depending on the jogging speed, you may be able to consume energy more efficiently than running 1km.

Jump with both feet while twisting your hips left and right
One point of advice), when your toes are facing to the right, turn your upper body to face to the left.

5 Safety Features To Look For When Trampoline Shopping

“One-legged jump” to train the inner muscle

Balance with one foot and jump alternately twice with each foot
One point of advice) It is harder to balance than both feet, so it best for those who want to train their core deeper.

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Also, you can raise your hips by pulling up your knees and jumping.

Good Posture

The trampoline uses the muscles of the whole body to fly while balancing, so you can train the powers of the entire body in a well-balanced manner while strengthening the trunk.

While trying to balance the trampoline while your feet are unstable, and at the same time, you will develop a strong sense of balance.

As a result, the muscle strength to maintain a good posture is also improved, which is a nice side effect.




Generally, trampolines fall into two categories: spring-type and rubber-type.


To explain the difference in one word is the difference in the material used to stretch the jumping surface.

The “spring type” is a “metal spring,” and the “rubber type” is a “rubber band” with a jumping surface.

Spring type

The spring type to replace the damaged part is necessary if durability is necessary.

Many small trampolines for home use have a diameter of 80 cm or more, which is surprisingly large, so it is essential to check if you can secure a place.



Folding type

“Folding type” and “leg-removable type” are recommended for compact rooms.

If there is no permanent place, we recommend the type that allows you to remove the legs when not in use or the foldable type that fold compactly.



However, since many products require power to fold and can not be folded by a single woman, I recommend that you refer to product reviews.

What are 5 Safety Features To Look For When Trampoline Shopping?

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Quietness: Rubberband type is best

Spring ones are tough, but the metal in the springs often squeaks and lacks quietness, so if you live in a condominium, choose a rubber band. Depending on the price range, some springs are quiet.


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Using a floor mat for the trampoline is also recommended because it prevents scratches on the floor and is effective as a noise countermeasure downstairs.

Safety: Check the number of railings and legs

Suppose you are going to use it for minor children or older adults. You can exercise safely with a sense of stability, “with handrails” and “many legs.”

Rubber cap: Absorbs vibration and shock.

The rubber cap attached to the leg of the trampoline has the role of absorbing vibration and shock, preventing slipping, and reducing damage to the floor.


“Silicone” and “natural rubber” are the primary materials, but if you are concerned about the odor peculiar to rubber, choose a cap made of “silicone” material.


With handle and handrail:

The handle is one of the 5 Safety Features To Look For When Trampoline Shopping.

With hand handles and bars, small children, elderly individuals, and those who exercise for the first time in a long time or use a trampoline for the first time can fly when jumping.

Highly stable and easy to fly

Features To Look For When Trampoline Shopping

Even a trampoline can fly unexpectedly high for home use, so it is convenient to have a handle and a handrail until you get used to it!

Some types come with it initially, and those are purchased separately as an option. Handles and bars chose as an option, and many products remove once you get used to them.

Some trampolines have a net that surrounds them to prevent falls.

While trampolines are usually about 25 cm above the ground, rather than falling from that height, they often fail to land or fall off with momentum, so those who think the damage is severe are mistaken.

Products with a net may feel cramped and oppressive when flying, but it is recommended for preventing falls.

Especially good for small children!


“I haven’t been exercising recently, so I’m getting weaker. I’m getting more and more concerned about my body.”

Trampolines have the image of children’s play equipment, but they are perfect as training items for adults.

If you have one at home, you can enjoy it with the whole family.

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