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Pilates Workout For Weight Loss And Fitness

Pilates Workout For Weight Loss And Fitness
Written by AmiraAfaf

The basic principles of Pilates  workout for weight loss

Energy during Pilates for weight loss is consumed not only due to power loads but also through breathing. Saturation of the body with oxygen stimulates the metabolism.

Which leads to an acceleration in the loss of extra pounds.

The lesson brings the muscles into a tone and has the right effect on them.

Blood circulation

As a result, energy consumption and the consumption of adipose tissue increase. Pilates is also good for blood circulation. Aerobics for weight loss stimulates blood and lymph circulation.

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Decrease Inflammation

In people who decide to apply the method of losing weight, puffiness decreases, and the appearance improves.

A certain way of breathing and exercises normalize metabolic processes, forcing the body to expend more energy.

With the help of Pilates, appetite decreases, which prevents you from consuming extra calories.

Tighten The Muscles

Pilates exercises tighten the muscles, making the body more slender; Thanks to this technique, blood and lymph circulation improves, reducing swelling.

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Reduce Stress

The level of anxiety is reduced, which allows you not to seize stress.
Now it becomes clear the principle of action of such a load on getting rid of extra pounds – energy consumption increases.

Pilates workout for weight loss.You Should Consider

Raise straight arms above your head, slowly lean forward, stretching your spine, and try to touch the floor with your hands.

Then stand in a semi-squat, keep your hips parallel to the floor, pull your stomach, and keep your back straight. Raise your hands again.

Then take the starting position.

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Can you lose weight by doing Pilates?

Yes, in addition to regular Pilates (4-5 times a week), you also eat a balanced diet. “Not only does training contribute to our weight loss, but nutrition also plays a big role in this process,”

Things To Avoid

It is important to create a calorie deficit, spending more of them than you consume. It will start the process of weight loss.

Dehydration leads to swelling, which can add a few extra pounds.”Neither tea nor coffee can replace water.

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Neither fruit juices nor beer with soda will replace water. But fruits and vegetables perfectly saturate the body with water: they contain up to 90% of ionic water.

Therefore, people whose diet contains a lot of vegetables and fruits can drink less: instead of 2.5 litres, drink 1.5 litres of water per day.

Of course, the water you will build your beautiful body must be high quality, clean, and free of toxins.

Reduce the number of fast carbohydrates on the menu, focusing on complex ones. “Dangerous varieties of carbohydrates include simple, consisting of short molecules .

Dangerous and more complex refined carbohydrates are part of advanced products (from starch to polished grains), easily decomposing into simple sugars.

All these carbohydrates are digested and absorbed very quickly, which leads to an instant increase in blood sugar levels

If you completely give up foods with a high glycemic load, you will lose an unhealthy craving for them in weeks. And if you reduce their consumption, then the desire for them will remain and keep you captive.

A slice of fruit has a lower glycemic load than a glass of juice squeezed from this fruit with its valuable fibre.

Drinking a glass of orange juice will change the colour of your blood to pink. Corn flakes, candy, spaghetti, and doughnuts instantly turn blood into pink cream.

In which sticky clots of sugar and protein molecules float, complicating the work of enzymes and accelerating the ageing process.

Choose lean protein sources

lean beef, chicken, turkey, fish, seafood.

Eat more vegetables

They are rich in fibre, which creates a feeling of satiety and positively affects intestinal motility.

Benefits of Pilates workout for weight loss

First, they strengthen the muscles of the whole body. “Pilates works with the powers of the core and the press, but in specific exercises, you can use the entire body – both arms and legs.

Pilates exercises are pretty energy-intensive, even at a basic level. They integrate all the major muscles of the body through the press.

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We use planks or unstable surfaces to engage the stabilizing muscles. It allows you to burn many calories, contributing to weight loss.

[su_highlight background=”#e71e13″]Click Here Buy Now[/su_highlight]Pilates Workout For Weight Loss Pilates for beginners at home helps make the body more toned, strengthen muscles, and not pump over.

The uniqueness of Pilates training is that we both stretch the muscles and pump them up. As a result, we get beautiful forms without excess volume.

You can do Pilates at home: you only need a mat to perform basic exercises.

A set of Pilates workout for weight loss

How to perform pilates workout

Start your workout with light joint gymnastics, for example, this.
Perform the exercises sequentially at a calm pace. “8-10 repetitions of each exercise will be enough.

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