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The Best Unilateral Bicep Exercises For Every Part Of The Body

Written by AmiraAfaf

Unilateral Bicep exercises

The following exercise is for the development of the biceps.

Step 1

It can be the main exercise for the Dumbbell Biceps Curl and the “finishing” exercise. The training is one-sided. That is, it performs with one hand.

Grab the barbell with an underhand grip

Keep your elbows close to your body.

The Best Unilateral Bicep Exercises For Every Part Of The Body

Step 2

Bend your knees slightly to ease the strain on your lower back.

As you exhale, slowly lower the bar.

Don’t “throw” the barbell down. If you are unable to do this, then the weight on the bar is too much.

Avoid overtraining or overusing the dominant side.

Most of us have one side of the body that is more potent than the other.

Compensating for the weaker side can widen the strength gap between the two sides.

Step 3

If you’ve done heavy weightlifting before and it hurts more on one side than the other, it’s probably because your dominant side has done most of the work.

That can prevent the weaker side from catching up.

Step 4

We often use other muscles to “relieve” the weaker side. For example, the target muscles are our chest and triceps during a heavy chest press.

When we tire, if one side is more vulnerable, we tend to use our shoulders or back to complete the set rather than the muscles we’re looking to train.


Suppose one side of your body is stronger than the other. In that case, that side will always be dominant when performing bilateral exercises (on both limbs)

For example, when performing squats, if your right leg is more important than your left, the weight will be carried mainly by your right side, causing your left leg to be underused.

The Best Unilateral Bicep Exercises

If you switch to a single leg squat (unilateral exercise).


Unilateral bicep exercises help to improve balance. Do you want a strong core?

Try exercising on one limb! According to a study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology in 2012,

unilateral bicep exercises activate core muscles more effectively than bilateral exercises.

 Unilateral Bicep Exercises

Balance improves through single-leg activities, which engage the deep stabilizers in the hip and core.


Additionally, when we perform unilateral upper body movements, the heart is involved in preventing the trunk from rotating unnecessarily during pushing or pulling exercises.

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Barbell curls for biceps on the Scott bench

This exercise is isolated. It uses to “finish off” the muscles of the biceps. You are performing an activity for biceps on the Scott bench drawing.

After basic activities, this exercise creates the “peak” of the biceps, its height.


Starting position:

Put your hands on the simulator and take the barbell from the racks
When you exhale, bend your elbows as you lift the bar to your chin.

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Inhale slowly lower

1. Using a curved neck in this exercise is better not to create a load on the hands. You can also perform this exercise with dumbbells, at the same time or with one hand.

2. The biceps muscle is still one of the most sought after in the gym, whether because of the big arm culture, the male ego associated with significant arm strength, or any other reason.

3. It still trains very vigorously, primarily by men who don’t skip sets if they want to get through this workout.

4. He emphasizes the importance of developing the biceps muscle, the arm’s flexor, in his first point.

5. How to train it correctly, and what unilateral bicep exercises are the most effective.

 Exercises For Every Part Of The Body

Let’s examine the biceps a little more closely.

Before considering exercises for pumping the biceps, let’s refresh our anatomical knowledge.

Responsible for the most natural weight lifting for the body with the hands turned towards the athlete (with supination).
The main muscle head gives the biceps mass and strength.

The functions are the same. The emphasis on the charge depends on the width of the grip (narrow – long, wide – short).

Brachialis And unilateral Bicep Exercises

Another name – the shoulder muscle, located under the biceps, is responsible for lifting weights with a neutral and reverse grip.

Note: actually, brachialis does not apply to the biceps, but it ideally increases the volume of the arm, as if pushing out the biceps.

Principles of Unilateral Bicep Exercise

To correctly compose a complex for biceps, remember the simple principles of its training:

Despite the almost complete absence of basic exercises for working out the biceps flexor muscle, it works great in all activities on the back.

 Exercises For Every Part Of The Body

That is why it is usually put on the day of the back, finishing it in 2-3 isolation exercises. Exercises
Consider the essential activities for pumping biceps.


The only essential exercise for the biceps is pulling up on the horizontal bar with a narrow reverse grip.

Although the back is also involved in this movement, it is possible to shift the focus to the biceps brachii by not fully extending the elbows and concentrating on the lifts by bending the arms.

Various traction in the slope and on the blocks is also essential for the back muscles.

Biceps work here to a lesser extent. Therefore, almost the entire training of this muscle group consists of isolation.


Due to the small volume, it is easiest to develop biceps with the help of a complex with predominantly isolating exercises.

They all have a similar technique and differ only in the hand and body position.

Barbell/Dumbbell Curl

This exercise is pretty easy to master and allows you to acquire essential bicep strength. It is better to take less weight and work clearly according to the technique:

Take a projectile. The difference is only in the convenience of your brushes—grip – shoulder width or slightly narrower.

Hanging Equipment

Dumbbells can be immediately deployed with a grip away from you. You can turn the meeting from a neutral grip when lifting.


You can turn the meeting from a neutral grip when lifting.

You get a hammer-style exercise if you do not rotate the dumbbell but continue to raise it without supination.


To conclude, we can say that it develops the brachialis and forearm muscles well. Doing both dumbbells at once or alternately is not essential. The main thing is technique.

Slowly raise the projectile to the peak state without jerking and moving the back. Try not to bring your elbows forward.

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