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Burn more calories and build lean muscle with the form tactics and training mixes of boxing. With boxing, you both get in shape and leave your stress in the ring.

What Is the Ultimate Boxing Workout Plan To Get Lean And Fit 

Cardio doesn’t go fast When you turn the endless bike pedals and watch your legs turn into jelly.

Boxing training raises your heart rate and burns calories while also teaching you to defend yourself. Not to mention that time flies like water!

“With three-minute laps with straight punches on the punching bag, you get your heart rate into the anaerobic phase,” says American trainer Beth Gold.

Get ready to discover the true power in your hands.

How to do the ultimate boxing workout plan to get lean and fit.


Iron Fist

Make sure you have the correct stance before swinging your fist. Place your feet hip-width apart. Left-handed people should step back with their left foot.

If you are right-handed, step back with your right foot. Take your guard off by relaxing your knees slightly (elbows inside, fists close to your face to protect your face).

Exercises for the Ultimate Boxing Workout Plan To Get Lean And Fit 

1. Straight

Fully extend your front arm (left if you’re right-handed, right if you’re left-handed) from the boxer stance.

Hit the punching bag with your first two knuckles as if you were pouring water from a pitcher. Quickly pull back and start again.


2. Cross

Fully extend your rear arm in front of you; Rotate your hips while simultaneously rotating on the axis of your big toe on your back foot.

Your back arm becomes your dominant arm. Use the strength of this arm as you take strength from your legs and core.

3. Front Crochet

Bring your front arm to a 90-degree angle towards your shoulder (hook your arm).

Take strength from your center and legs as you bring the hook in front of you by simultaneously rotating on the axis of the big toe of your front foot.

4. Back Crochet

Do the front crochet movement, this time with your back arm. Keep your elbow up, pivot your back big toe, and draw strength from your core and legs.

Blank crochet is also the ultimate boxing workout plan to get lean and fit.

5. Front Uppercut



Lower your center of gravity and keep your elbows on your body.

Swing your arms across your hips and swing them up from under the punching bag as if you’re punching someone in the jaw.

Rotate on the axis of your front foot and point your core in the direction of the fist.

6. Rear Uppercut

Do the same motion you did with the front uppercut, this time with your back arm.

7. Perching

These moves are defensive moves to evade your opponent’s punches.

Perching is the ultimate boxing workout plan to get lean and fit.


“Maintain your boxer stance (don’t turn your hips towards the bag) and put your weight on your heels. As if you were sitting in a chair, keep your chest up and your back straight. Squeeze your hips! ”

Tip: While throwing straight and diagonal punches, open your arms fully.


Boxing Workouts Health Benefits

Benefits of Boxing

Boxing as a sport requires a high level of athletic ability: strength, speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, endurance, and a strong nervous system.

Boxing allows the average person to win when faced with someone of the same athletic build without forcing a punch.

If you hope to be in great shape and improve your health, you may want to start boxing right away. There are many reasons for this:


1. Improved Cardiovascular Health

You hear it all the time: You should do cardio to protect yourself from heart disease, burn calories, and lose or maintain your weight.

But doing cardio” doesn’t mean you spend hours on a treadmill.

Cardio puts moderate stress on your heart and lungs, allowing you to develop a high level of physical activity.

Depending on the cardio training you choose, the level of stress in the body varies.

During training, you should continue to increase your heart rate.
Your fat-burning will accelerate. Of course, if you prefer a normal cardio workout, such as walking for hours on a treadmill.

The time to contract and burn fat in your body will continue as you continue walking. After the workout, fat burning will stop.

While boxing improves your heart and lungs, it both increases your heart rate and allows you to burn fat for hours even after boxing training.

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2. Improved Total Body Strength

During boxing training, punching and punching movements actively work your upper body, lower body, and abdominals.

The body needs a rest period to regenerate the muscles after a workout.

In this process, when you provide the necessary protein-based nutrients to the body, your total body strength will increase gradually.

3. Better Hand-Eye Coordination

You may not realize the importance of hand-eye coordination and its impact on overall health, yet it plays a significant role in gross and fine motor skills.

Faster reflexes, quicker reaction times, and better physical coordination are associated with hand-eye coordination.

As you age, your coordination and balance deteriorate, increasing your risk of falling.

The sport of boxing is very effective at improving hand-eye coordination.

When punching a punching bag or working with a partner, as the target moves and changes position, you must be able to see the target, react to the target, and reach the target.

Thanks to boxing, your hand-eye coordination will improve greatly as you practice.

4. Reduced Stress

Almost any form of moderate to vigorous physical activity reduces stress.

According to health research, exercise increases your endorphin levels, works as a form of meditation while boosting mood, and improves sleep, all of which help reduce stress.

You may need more than just a walk to reduce stress.

First, during a boxing workout, you often alternate between high-intensity exercise strokes and moderate-intensity recovery times.

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Once you start doing a few minutes of high-intensity kicking, you don’t have much mental strength to think about the things you’re stressing about.

Even during periods of rest, your stress level will continue to decrease as the body focuses itself on mentally preparing for the next round.

Punching bags release high levels of chemicals that affect psychology when you de-stress.

In this way, thanks to these chemicals secreted in your body after training, your stress level is prevented from increasing.


5. Bodybuilding

Boxing helps reduce fat percentage, increase muscle mass, and increase metabolism.

Resulting in a more shaped and fit body.

What Muscles Does Boxing Work?

Boxing sports and training provide the work of many muscle groups in the body’s musculature.

In this way, both having strong muscle structures and burning excess fat in the body are realized.

Many different exercises are used in boxing training. In this way, it ensures that muscle groups develop evenly.

The muscles that work with boxing can be listed as follows;


How to start boxing at home?

As in any business – from the theory. Watching movies, professional fights, and videos will only give a general idea.

Therefore, start by collecting, and studying general information. In our article, you can read information about its history, basic rules, and features.

People of all ages and genders should practice boxing because of its benefits and reasons.

The next step will be the preparation of the premises, the necessary equipment, and technology.


To practice boxing at home, you will need a small free space – about 3 meters long, 1.5 – 2 meters wide. On the walls, the floor should not be anything superfluous (bookcases, shelves, coasters).

Inventory, equipment for boxing at home:

Swedish wall (mounted pull-up machine);

Boxing bag, “pear” (what are pears, read here);

Dumbbells of different weights;

Boxing gloves (how to choose them correctly – in this article);
boxing bandage;

Singers (a kind of martial arts gloves, well suited for training strikes).


Boxing exercises at home.

Before you start training directly, make an approximate program. Running, jumping rope, pull-ups, and push-ups are important.

Thanks to them, endurance, strength, and acceleration are trained.

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Each workout begins with a warm-up (we always start from the head, gradually moving down):


  1. Stretch your neck with light circular motions.
  2. Put your hands in the castle, and make circular movements.
  3. Can be combined with light jogging or running in place.
  4. Circular movements of the elbows in and out.
  5. Shoulder workout.
  6. Twisting the torso at the waist with swings of the arms to the sides.
  7. Rotate the hips in a circular motion to warm up the lower back.
    Slopes “mill”.  hands in the position of the body.
  8. Tilts of the body, as if evading the blows of the enemy.
  9. The back goes back to the side, then to one side, then to the other.
    Stretching the legs in twine.
  10. Circular movements in the knee, and ankle joints.
  11. Perform each exercise for 20-30 counts.
  12. Next, we move on to the power part, in which the muscles of the back, shoulders, abdomen, and legs should be strengthened:
  13. Pull-ups (start with a small amount, gradually increasing);
    Press (change the parameters so that different abdominal muscles are pumped);
  14. Push-ups from the floor in the plank position. Perform on fists, the main emphasis is on the joints.
  15. (“knuckles”) of the index and middle fingers;
  16. Exercises for hands with dumbbells;
  17. jumping rope, running.
  18. Provide a variety of exercises in your program. So that the body does not get used, and all muscle groups are involved.
  19. When training, and working out the technique of strikes, consider the following features:
  20. Make sure that the points of contact with the bag fall on the “knuckles” of the index and middle fingers.
  21. Blows go to one point at the level: temple, chin, ribs, abdomen.
  22. You mentally imagine one of them. When you practice attacks, combine targets.

Hand-throwing is accurate and confident. Imagine that you are transferring all the strength of your body through your fist.

During the ejection, not only the shoulder joints are involved, but also the torso, slightly twisting at the waist, and legs (step, turn on the toe).

Feel the technique of throwing the arm, and you will understand with which muscles you can make the attack maximum.

You can read more about the stand here. The main thing in the rack is a confident sense of balance. Having taken the desired position, try tilting at different angles, forward, and backward.

Feel if the balance is lost, if the body is collapsing.


Try shifting your legs, and bending your knees more until you feel confident. Each athlete has an individual stance, so you need to find your own.

Plan your workouts. Suppose at the beginning you decided to do 50 straight side kicks from below with each hand.

Next week – 70 hits. The planned volume must bring pleasure and satisfaction. If you feel like you can do more, do it.

The planned volume must bring pleasure and satisfaction. If you feel like you can do more, do it.

For a greater load, pick up dumbbells;
hand protection. First of all, a boxing bandage is used how to wrap it around your hands written in the article).


Then boxing gloves. You can use singers.

What to look for when training boxing at home


In boxing, concentration, concentration on counterattacks, should not cause stiffness in the body. It is better to optimally relax the muscles so that they react faster, and respond to brain commands.



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