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Top Benefits Of Inversion Table With Heat & Massage Therapy

Top Benefits Of Inversion Table With Heat & Massage Therapy
Written by AmiraAfaf

What is an inversion table?

An inversion table uses to perform inversion therapy. Inversion therapy is a form of alternative medicine.

This therapy relieves back pain and improves blood circulation. The premise behind inversion therapy is that when a person hangs upside down or flips over, it reverses the effects of gravity.

The spine can lengthen, and gravity can reduce compression and tension. Believers argue that inversion takes back the pressure of standing and walking.

Top Benefits Of Inversion Table With Heat & Massage Therapy

Inversion Therapy:

Inversion therapy carries out in two primary forms. First, inversion therapy can be done using an inversion table. Alternatively, inversion therapy can be performed using gravity boots that allow the patient to hang upside down.

Inversion Table With Heat & Massage Therapy

An inversion table can be essential equipment for back pain sufferers. The benefits of the inversion table include pain relief and injury prevention, but the tables have other uses.

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Spending time on an inversion table can improve circulation throughout the body and may even help improve posture and reduce stress in some individuals.

 The benefits of inversion tables also come with some risks, so one should consult a doctor or professional trainer.


Better Blood Flow

The inversion table can help spread one’s vertebrae apart, allowing better blood flow and less stress on the spine’s muscles.
The benefits of the inversion table can be enjoyed post-workout, as the muscles are already warm and ready to be effectively stretched.

Improved Circulation

Improved circulation is another benefit of the inversion table that a user can look forward to if the table is used regularly. Regular use increases blood flow to the brain, increasing oxygenation, and mental performance.

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Relieve Stress

Such blood flow can also help relieve stress after a long day. Inversion can also be effective in combating chronic fatigue in some patients.

However, one should be careful as increased blood flow to the head can cause dizziness or fainting. People with high blood pressure should consult a doctor before using an inversion table.

How To Use Inversion table with heat & Massage Therapy?

The user can perform simple exercises on an inversion table that help build muscle or stimulate blood circulation,

If movement isn’t what the user is looking for, you can hang it up and allow the body to relax and meditate. This condition is called complete inversion.

It helps stretch the spine and relaxation.

The inclination angle of the simulator (from 15 to 85 degrees) is manually adjusted using a movable pin, which is screwed into one of the five slots.
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Most inexpensive inversion tables don’t have this feature, and the adjustment is only made with a strap. The adjustment system hides under a gray plastic box, making the design minimalist.

Your back will become truly strong, resilient, and healthy with such a simulator. It would be best to find a good model to help you effectively and safely perform all the necessary exercises.Top Benefits Of Inversion Table With Heat & Massage Therapy


Inversion therapy offers many benefits:

Increases the flow of nutrients

Allows you to benefit from the advantages of a headrest without the risk of injury. Strengthens the cerebral blood capillaries to make them more resistant and better able to bring oxygen to the brain.

Better oxygen delivery means better brain performance. It may help restore healthy blood flow to the brain by changing the body’s position about gravity.

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Boost Energy Level

Regular use helps to promote better concentration and increase energy levels. Swollen feet and heavy legs almost instantly become lighter and less swollen.

Final Thoughts:

The inversion table with heat & massage therapy adds many benefits. It improves sleep quality, relaxes your back, and eliminates pain.

Increase blood flow to the brain to promote cognitive functions or stimulate recovery after physical exercise.

Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy


The main advantage of this model is a perfectly balanced design that provides a silent, smooth turn for maximum safety.

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Additionally, the table has a softback, height adjustment function, shoulder locks, and a convenient control system.

And thanks to the electric drive, the simulator boasts comfort, ease of operation, and high efficiency. The model has adjustable ankle bindings, height, and inclination angle.

The inversion table from DFC helps correct posture, relieve pain and relax muscles during prolonged use.

You must use the inversion table with progressively longer sessions as indicated in the previous section.

 This recommendation will prevent you from suffering from dizziness or disorientation, which are the most common side effects of using an inversion table.


Inversion table with heat & massage therapy helps your heart clear blood from your feet, legs, and lower body. It allows the blood in your limbs to flow more easily.

The inversion method also allows the body to stretch and harmonize. Almost every physical activity results in some form of spinal compression.

Compression due to gravity is aggravated by weight lifting, aerobics, skiing, cycling, and golf. Our poorly controlled daily activities create skeletal imbalances.

These imbalances are often nominal and easily corrected. But using the inversion table can help the body fight them.

Other physical activities create muscle tension due to large muscle groups contracting for long periods. Swimming, bicycling, windsurfing, and rowing create lower back tension.

These athletes can perform better for longer with the inversion table.

Steps To Use Inversion Table

You have to stand up against the wall and wedge your feet in with the foam toe clips. Once your feet are braced, you slowly pivot the table backward, turning your body upside down.

At any time, you can use the traction bars located on each side to pivot again in the opposite direction and return to your original position.

By reversing your body, you will free yourself from the constraints linked to gravity: all the load of your weight no longer rests on your spine.

Depending on the incline angle chosen, you will create a different pulling force through the spine. It is this traction force that would reduce lower back pain.

Once rocked, change the position of your bust to work different parts of the back. In this position, you will be able to unload 100% of the lumbar discs, bones, and joints.


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